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Our Scorecard measures schools across three categories. Schools receive a final grade based on the three categories, plus any extra credit. Excellent Schools Detroit recommends schools with a C+ grade or better. We also recommend "Fresh Start" schools or new schools that we consider promising. If we do not feel comfortable with the amount of data collected for a school, we label it "No Grade" until we can gather more information.

The following information is entered by a staff member from this school.

The Detroit Waldorf School offers a developmentally appropriate, balanced approach to education that skillfully integrates the arts and academics for children from preschool through eighth grade. This unique educational philosophy encourages a lifelong love of learning.

The Waldorf model was developed in 1919 by Rudolf Steiner. Today, it is one of the fastest growing educational movements in the United States.

The goal of Waldorf education is to enable students to realize their unique potential and meet the challenges of the changing world we live in. Waldorf teachers blend creative activities with scientific and intellectual study to create a balance between the sciences, humanities and arts. The curriculum includes two foreign languages, fine and practical arts, music, and physical education.

Young students develop a strong foundation for academic learning and creative thinking through a play-based curriculum. Older students are met with an academically rigorous program that prepares them for creative, critical thinking and individual initiative beyond high school.

Teachers in Waldorf schools are dedicated to generating an inner enthusiasm for learning within every child. Assessments of student learning is performed regularly and written descriptions of each childs progress is provided semi-annually. Detroit Waldorf School employs the curricular benchmarks of the international Waldorf movement, negating the need for state standardized testing.

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Application Process:


Admissions URL:


Application Fee:


Application Fee Amount:


Applications Received:


Students Accepted:


Destination School:

Cranbrook, Roeper, Liggett


Academic Focus:

Arts (all), Foreign languages, Religious, Visual arts, Performing arts, Music room, Mathematics, Science lab

Instructional Model:


Arts - Visual:

Ceramics, Printmaking, Sculpture, Textile design, Industrial / graphic design, Drawing / Sketching, Painting, Photography, Architecture

Arts - Music:

Theory, Choir / Chorus, Orchestra, Instrumental music lessons, Vocal lessons / coaching

Arts - Performing & Written:

Improv, Poetry, Dance club, Drama, Creative Writing

Foreign Language:

German Language and Culture, Spanish

Dual Enrollment:


Dual Enrollment Institution:



Dress Code:

Dress code

Bullying Policy:


Parent Involvement:

Attend parent nights, Chaperone school trips, Organize cultural events, Organize fundraising events (school auction, bake sales, etc.), Present special topics during curricular units, Serve on school improvement team or governance council, Volunteer in the classroom, Volunteer time after school


Special Education Level:

Basic - we offer or partner to provide services based on the needs of individual students

Extra Learning Resources:



Auditorium, Gym, Library, Garden/Greenhouse, Playground, Access to sports fields, Art room, Music room, Outdoor learning lab, Performance stage, Science lab, Access to farm or natural area, Kitchen

Before/After Care:

After school care

Staff Resources:

Librarian/media specialist, Music teacher, Poetry/Creative writing teacher, PE instructor, Teacher aid/assistant teacher, Instructional aide/coach, Math specialist, Gardening teacher, Cooking/Nutrition teacher


Boys Sports:

Basketball, Soccer, Gymnastics, Baseball, Volleyball

Girls Sports:

Volleyball, Softball, Basketball, Soccer, Flag Football

Student Clubs:

Book/reading club, Chess club, Gardening, Yearbook, Community service, Foreign language and culture club, Sewing/knitting club, Recycling club

Student Clubs Language:

French & German

Student Clubs Other:

Poetry Club


Enrollment By Grade

We measure school performance using state-mandated tests and high school graduation rates. This is excluded from the "Fresh Start" schools.





Percent of Students Proficient in Math (2-Year Average)

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Percent of Students Proficient in Reading & Writing (2-Year Average)

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Percent of Students Proficient in Science & Social Studies (2-Year Average)

- -

Percentage of students in each grade who are proficient in Math and Reading:

We measure how much students are learning during a school year on computer-based growth assessments, and how much students improved year-over-year on state tests.





Percent of Students Making Progress on MEAP

- -

Percent of Students Reaching their 1-Year Growth Target (Math & Reading)

- -


These charts show the percentage of students proficient in reading and math over the last four years.

We measure what students, teachers, and community volunteers think and feel about the school. We do this through community site visits and surveys.





Community-Led Site Visit Score

3.27 12.0

Net 5Essentials Score (2013-14)

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5Essentials Trend

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5Essentials Student and Teacher Survey

Sorry, we currently have no 5Essentials data to show for this school.